Premium Italian-made eyewear created specifically for different adventures and sports. We’ve sourced the finest materials in the world for our frames and lenses. Each frame and lens was chosen with a particular adventure/sport in mind – they’re extremely functional and totally gorgeous. Try on our glasses with our incredible virtual try-on software on our website.

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We do what other stock picks newsletters don’t. We’re different. We not only tell you what we believe are the best stocks to buy – but exactly when to buy, how much and at what price. We also tell you when to sell, with target exit prices. We offer downside protection as well using trailing stops on certain picks.

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Helping businesses find the perfect premium aftermarket domain name to grow their online presence. We’ve got dozens of high-value domains that you can purchase right away or make us an offer. We have strategically acquired these very catchy domains and through our research we know these domains perform strongly with related searches in Google.

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